Seminars for senior executives
and business owners

This page presents programs and slides of my seminars - both existing and conducted many times and new planned ones.

Finance for Non-Financial Executives

Tailored in-company program performed for senior managers of few Ukrainian large and medium-size companies. The program is also closely related to current strategic problems and issues of the company.

Download program [PDF 202 Kb (Russian)]

VALUATION: strategic investment decisions, sources of finance, mergers and acquisitions

Download program [PDF 203 Kb (Russian)]

Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds: Structure, and Operations

Special educational program for PE/VC professionals developed in cooperation with Ukrainian Investment Busioness Association (UAIB).

Download program [PDF 202 Kb (Ukrainian)]

Series of seminars on issues of preparation of the company's initial public offering (IPO)

This series was conducted in line of the joint project with Expert magazine and included seminars on chosing the market for an IPO, valuation of company shares, incentive system for top management and other relevant problems.

Download programs [PDF 277 Kb (Russian)]

Corporate Director

Educational program for Board members, owners and top managers which is conducted during many years together with Alexander Okunev, director of IIB Corporate Governance center. My topics in this seminar are corporate strategy and corporate finance, conflict resolution, information policy, incentive systems and topmanagement compensation.

Download program [PDF 169 Kb (Ukrainian)]

Seminar for Bond Market Professionals: Technologies of Analysis and Decision Making at Government and Corporate Bonds Markets

Download program [PDF 202 Kb (Russian)]
PowerPoint Slides [PDF 877 Kb]

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